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FasterSkierNovember 28, 2007

Toko race wax tips are different from wax tips offered from other companies. We have a network of trained waxing professionals from the Toko Tech Team, Team Rossignol, and other sponsored athletes collaborating, testing, researching, and finalizing race wax tips throughout the country. Each wax tip takes into consideration not only weather forecast and snow type, but also local wisdom which makes a huge difference. In a classic race, if the course has some steep and sun-exposed hills toward the finish, we will take this into account. In any style of race, if the course involves a number of loops and especially is interval start, the course will likely get glazed up which will also be considered. When looking at the weather forecast, especially in mountain areas, local knowledge counts greatly. We take into consideration which direction a storm might be coming from and make the appropriate adjustments. In some areas, a colder wax just seems to always work better and in others we find just the opposite. In short, Toko has trained, dedicated, experienced, and local experts throughout the country who are excited to continue serving you. Toko offers race wax recommendations on some 200 events per year. Sign up today at to get this valuable information emailed directly to you two days before each event. Sign up for Toko Nordic eBlasts and you also be automatically signed up for the race wax tips.