Canada Names Tour de Ski Team

FasterSkierDecember 13, 2007

Editor's Note: The following was posted on the Cross-Country Canada Website and provides insight into the selection process.


In accordance with 7.6.b, Devon Kershaw and Sara Renner are pre-selected for the Tour de Ski. Sara Renner declined her nomination.

In accordance with 7.6.c, all other athletes pre-selected to the pre-Christmas World Cups declined the opportunity to be nominated to the Tour de Ski.

In examining substitutes for the pre-selected athletes under 7.6.d of the criteria, the committee looked at both the athletes’ sprint and distance potential at the World Cup level with an overreaching emphasis on examining race results and points in the distance events due to the nature of the Tour de Ski.

Selection Process

Based on the distance and sprint ranking lists from the Sovereign and Canmore NorAm races, the selection committee analyzed the leading athlete’s results from these events. The committee’s analysis indicated that there was no clear indication of individual athlete performances in these events that would give credibility to meeting the objectives of the criteria: podium and top 12 results in specific stages of the Tour de Ski.

The committee did accept the recommendation from the NST coaches that in order to meet the trip objectives, there is need for a second athlete to join Devon Kershaw at this event. The consideration for a second athlete was based on the importance of the “team” aspect of the sport, which is documented in research and has had precedent in previous trip selections. In selecting a second athlete the committee examined athletes who have exemplified the skills outlined in the purpose of the criteria 7.1: to provide an opportunity for specific athletes with the necessary racing capacity, to compete in and compete in and complete a strenuous multi-day event.

Through examination of the distance and sprint ranking lists for the Sovereign and Canmore NorAm events, consideration for selection was given to Dave Nighbor, Chris Jeffries and Dan Roycroft. Dave Nighbor was selected based on having the best single points in two of the distance races. He also had the best sprint results of these three athletes, demonstrating the strongest possibility of meeting the objective of the trip: podium and top 12 results in specific stages of the Tour de Ski.

Selected Athletes

Devon Kershaw and Dave Nighbor have been selected to the Tour de Ski.

Note of Congratulations

The selection committee would like to acknowledge the following athletes who were at the top of the distance ranking lists used in this selection:

Madeleine Williams Edmonton Nordic/Team Fast Trax
Tasha Betcherman Lappe Nordic/INDi2010
Dasha Gaiazova Skielite/NST
Ivan Babikov Foothills Nordic/ (not eligible due to current citizenship status)
Chris Jeffries Foothills Nordic/
Dan Roycroft Arrowhead Nordic/INDi2010


Current leaders of the overall NorAm series:

Madeleine Williams Edmonton Nordic/Team Fast Trax
Chris Jeffries Foothills Nordic/

Source: Cross-Country Canada


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