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FasterSkierDecember 1, 2007

Matt, Garrott and Johanna — first ski (Photo: Brian Gregg)

“West Yellowstone got an inch or two overnight, so we headed up to the plateau to see what it was like up there. As we had hoped, the inch down low was more than enough to ski up high. We busted out our rock skis, and laid down the first tracks of the year. It felt so good to be off rollerskis and on real snow” —Kristina Owen

“Garrott, Matt and I thought we’d play a harmless practical joke on the APU team at the end of our distance classic ski. Their warm-ups lay aside the trail where they started their interval session, so we created a little welcome sign with their warm-ups.” (picture below)

Photo: Brian Gregg

Andre (Photo: Doug Bernard)

Kristina (Photo: Doug Bernard)

Initial temperatures were colder than predicted hitting overnight lows less than ten degrees below zero. The cold temperatures were soon replaced by clear and sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to lower twenties during the heats. Our skis and wax job were running well, but we found it absolutely critical to have skis with cold or fine structure.

All six CXC Elite athletes and four CXC junior athletes competed. Two CXC Elite athletes made it into the 16 person heats with Garrott Kuzzy qualifying in first and Brian Gregg qualifying in eighth. Garrott ended up winning the A final and Brian placed second in the B final (6th overall). Laura Valaas (former CXC Elite member and present US Ski Team/APU) won the women’s event.

Other notable Midwest finishers were Lindsay Williams 5th, Bryan Cook 5th, Adam Swank 2nd in the Masters division (17th overall) and Jesse Diggins 3rd in the junior division (24th overall).

November 24 — Classic Distance Race — 8 km women and 16 km men

Johanna (Photo: Doug Bernard)


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