Racing in Boston Despite the Heat

FasterSkierJanuary 10, 2008

Despite this week's 60 degree heat in New England, racing near Boston – yes Boston – is on this weekend. What's more, Weston Ski Track's CSU Sprints will be held in a new format. FasterSkier contacted Rob Bradlee, CSU coach, to get the scoop.

FasterSkier: Hey Rob, What’s this we hear about a new sprint format that your club, CSU, is trying this weekend?

Rob: Yes, it’s true. We heard many complaints last year from racers who didn’t want to drive a long way for a 1K sprint if they weren’t sure of making the elimination rounds. They called it “a long ride for a short slide.” So, we had the idea of making the preliminary seeding race a full 5K. That way you get a fully satisfying race experience even if you don’t make the finals.

FasterSkier: What’s the response been like to the idea?

Rob: Everyone I talk to is excited by the idea. You can see their expression change from a frown to a smile. Ski racing is fun, and racers want to get their money’s worth.

FasterSkier: Even with the new format, isn’t the Weston Ski Track a long drive? Will people come that far for the race?

Rob: The ski area is right at the junction of 95 and the Mass Pike, so it’s a “wicked easy” drive as they say around here. Plus, we are 30 minutes from downtown Boston so you could combine your race experience with shopping, theatre, or museum trips.

FasterSkier: With the big warm-up in the East are you sure you’ll have good snow cover?

Rob: We have several feet of fresh manmade snow covering the entire course so the race is guaranteed. We’ll have an exciting loop with tough climbs and many twists and turns. And the entire 1K sprint course is visible from the start/finish area so the spectating should be superb.

FasterSkier: What about the Patriots?

Rob: Well, if you can score tickets to the playoff game on the 12th, you could stay over and be ready for the race on the morning of the 13th. I’m pretty sure that is Tom Brady’s plan.

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