Intermountain Names Junior National Team

FasterSkierFebruary 22, 2008

Upon the conclusion of Intermountain's JNs qualifying races in McCall this past weekend, the final points were tallied and this year's Intermountain Junior National team was named. So, junior racers, here's your competition [Race Day AND Dance Day] from Intermountain this year…

J1/OJ Girls:
Mali Noyes [Pre-Qualifier], Sun Valley SEF
Kate Dolan [Pre-Qualifier], Bozeman SF
Ase Carlson [Pre-Qualifier], Bozeman SF
Monica Markvardsen [Pre-Qualifier], Black Jack Ski Club
Elizabeth Guiney, Park City's NSF
Erika Flowers, Bozeman SF
Rose Kemp, Bogus Basin NT
Ellery Leeds, Jackson Hole SC
Bronwen Raff, Sun Valley SEF
Julia Bowman, Sun Valley SEF
Natalie Flowers, Bozeman SF
Rebecca Konieczny, West Yellowstone SEF
Courtney Hamilton, Sun Valley SEF
Makayla Cappel, Sun Valley SEF
Rosie Gilchrist, Sun Valley SEF
Gretchen Sellegren, Bozeman SF
Mariss Dreyer [Alternate], Sun Valley SEF

J1/OJ Boys:
Reid Pletcher [Pre-Qualifier], Sun Valley SEF
Noah Hoffman [Pre-Qualifier], Sun Valley SEF
Taylor Sundali [Pre-Qualifier], Sun Valley SEF
Willie Neal [Pre-Qualifier], Jackson Hole SC
Ian Havlick [Pre-Qualifier], University of Utah
Nick Hendrickson [Pre-Qualifier], Park City's NSF
Max Durtschi, Sun Valley SEF
Erik Anderson, Glacier NST
Dan Guiney, Park City's NSF
Scotty Phelan, Sun Valley SEF
Scott Krankkala, Sun Valley SEF
Travis Job, Sun Valley SEF
Connor Brown, Sun Valley SEF
Marshall Opel, Glacier NST
Eliot Neal, Jackson Hole SC
Jake Morgan, Bozeman SF
Andrew Putt, Park City's NSF
Wilson Dippo, Salt Lake NST/TUNA
Ben Westesen [Alternate], Bozeman SF

J2 Girls:
Katie Gill, Bozeman SF
Stella Holt, Galcier NST
Kara Baldwin, Bozeman SF
Betsy Neal, Jackson Hole SC
Kaelin Ryan, Bogus Basin NT
Johanna Tydell, Bozeman SF
Emma Donohoe, Bogus Basin NT
Emily Williams, Sun Valley ST
Claire Bowman, Sun Valley ST
Maggie Hickman [Alternate], Bozeman SF

J2 Boys:
Danny Sundali, Sun Valley SEF
Tanner Putt, Park City's NSF
Johnny Springer, Jackson Hole SC
Tanner Wiegand, Bozeman SF
Charlie Fereday, Bogus Basin NT
Will Wicherski, Bogus Basin NT
Henrik Burns, Salt Lake NST/TUNA
Jack Steele, Glacier NST
William Spiller, Sun Valley SEF
Jonathan Bruns [Alternate], Salt Lake NST/TUNA

Photos courtesy of Chris Mallory


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