Toko Wax Recomendation for the Birkie

FasterSkierFebruary 20, 2008

Forecast/Conditions: Extremely cold temperatures all week leading into the weekend. Friday high of 21F, low Friday night of -1F, and a high of 26F Saturday. Trail will be hard packed and in good shape.

Glidewax: Apply LF Moly, scrape and brush then apply HF Blue, scrape and brush out well. (Start with Copper Brush and then finish with Horsehair). Prepare the base for HelX application with the yellow side of Dual Pad. Spray on an even layer of HelX Cold (not too much, just enough to make base wet, but not puddle) to entire base and let dry completely. Polish with white side of Dual Pad. We have had great results with HelX Cold at the Birkie in these conditions.
Note: A rotocorked application of JetStream Moly will also be a good option. (Note comments on bottom of page if LF is preferred)

Gripwax: Sand kick zone with sandpaper of around 150 grit. Apply Basewax Green and heat in. Smooth with synthetic cork. Let cool. Apply multiple layers of the kick wax of the day starting with the entire zone (about 3 layers). Then add more layers in the middle area of the kick zone (3-5 additional layers). Cork between applying each layer. Earliest starters can go with Carbon Gripwax White. Some Blue can be sandwiched in the layers for later in the race. Later starters go with Carbon Gripwax Blue and sandwich Viola in the layers for later in the race.

Structure: Fine — do not add structure