A Give-And-Go We Should Never Forget

FasterSkierMarch 7, 2008

There was no time to think, just enough time to act. Most of the 75 cross-country skiers were knotted together in one lane. Already, he could see a large pack distancing itself, and their opportunity lessening.

He pushed his right ski pole toward his teammate.

“Which pole do you need?” he yelled. They weren't even through the first mile into the race.

His teammate was confused. “Dude, what are you doing?!”

He saw his teammate needed the right pole. He yelled at him again.

“Go! Go! Ray, just stick with the group!”

It was the good ol' give-and-go, but it's not a play we see in sports very often.

Read the rest of the article by Jemele Hill on ESPN.com


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