Eating Crow….

FasterSkierMarch 28, 2008

From Rob Whitney's “Coaches Around the Country” interview with Pete Philips –

8. JO’s are in Anchorage this coming March. With that said, Alaska will probably beat New England (duh). Care to comment? 🙂

I think I’m learning enough to be able to answer that in Vermont…

“Care to comment?” Yup.

“Alaska will probably beat New England.” Nope.

Credit where credit is due – here is Pete's recent follow up :

“Ok, ok, I don't like to eat crow, but I am, willingly and not the first nor likely not the last time. This helping has been served up with gusto by an Alaskan JO team that won big and fair and square! I'm happy for them, proud of them and grateful for the spurs they put into the rest of us for next time. Well Done AK! Inspirational work. Thanks to all in Anchorage who had a hand in the Show. And well done to all the other teams that were up there scrapping. We, all of us, are getting better all the time.”

The full “Coaches Around the Country” interview can be read here:
Coaches Around the Country: Pete Phillips


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