Spring Skiing @ Tahoe Donner Cross Country

FasterSkierMarch 22, 2008

Recently I’ve been getting in some great skiing at one of my favorite ski areas in North America — Tahoe Donner XC near Truckee, California. With the Gold Rush marathon completed and some time before the last big races up in Fairbanks, AK, I’ve been lucky to be able to enjoy some of the best ski conditions I’ve seen all year. The past four days have each consisted of positively unbeatable, perfect ski weather (sun up the wazoo and single layer polypro top temps in the morning) and equally incredible, flawless trail conditions (immaculate corduroy, rock hard classic tracks, and FAST fun semi-transformed snow.)

Being used to the somewhat colder and less sunny East, I’ve been flipping out as I wake up each morning and see how ridiculously awesome the weather and trails are. The locals on the trails, though happy to be out, seem to be pretty used to it and don’t seem to think that each day warrants a full-on celebration complete with live music and fireworks, so I’ve refrained from the latter and am just posting a few pictures (which don’t even come close to doing full justice) to share with those who haven’t recently been blessed with the opportunity to ski here. If your travels ever bring you within 5 or 6,000 miles of Truckee CA, make sure you stop in at Tahoe Donner.

The Euer Valley

The Euer Valley Cookhouse offers food and drinks if you can't wait for the food and drink at the main lodge.

There are ALL kinds of trails at TDXC…plenty of easy flat/gradual trails, plenty of moderately hilly/rolling trails, plenty of LONG climbs if you're looking to get in some serious vertical, and a great assortment of black diamond descents such as “Download”, “White Lightning”, and “Showdown.”

Don't know how to ski like a World Cupper yet?

perfect tracks

The first few strides you take from the main lodge might be the most perfect ever…and it doesn't get any worse from there.

A rare cloud sighting (look carefully near the horizon) and a view of the kids area/ terrain park

Inside the lodge

…and cookies. You're going to need a lot of fuel if you want to enjoy half of the trails out there.

Nice place to be if the weather ever isn't good. Notice how no one is inside.

Plenty of wax is available if you need it while you're there.

Pretty good stash of rental skis for those who remembered clothes but not skis.

TDXC has not one but TWO super duper bombardiers.

This is roughly the view when you put your skis on to head out. Mountains all around, as are sun, snow, and evergreens.

One more time for good measure…

That's all for now…Here's to Cali and spring skiing in general. Hope you're enjoying the last weeks of skiing wherever you are!

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