APUNSC Wins SuperTour Team/Club Competition

FasterSkierApril 9, 2008

Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Club won the inaugural SuperTour Team/Club Competition by 78 points over the Factory Team. Rossignol was third 83 points out of second.

Skiers can compete for both a club and a team. For example, Lars Flora scored points for both APUNSC and the Factory Team. The Team/Club score is simply the the total of all individual points scored by athletes competing for that team or club.

APU was led by Laura Valaas, who finished third in the overall SuperTour rankings, and Flora. The Factory Team had fewer athletes score points – 10 to APU's 17, but had the overall SuperTour winners – Ivan Babikov and Kristina Strandberg.

Rossignol also featured a large team – with 16 athletes scoring – the second most behind APU – including SuperTour Sprint Champion Karin Camenisch who finished second overall, and Martina Stursova who was fourth in the overall standings.

XC Oregon claimed the fourth spot, also benefiting from Strandberg's season high 432 points. The Sun Valley Ski Education Foundation was fifth with three Juniors scoring points. The Sun Valley squad featured three Fischer/Craft skiers and two Factory Team athletes.

Overall, 18 different Teams and Clubs scored points.

Top 8 Teams:
2. Factory Team
3. Rossignol
4. XC Oregon
6. CXC
7. NMU
8. Fischer/Craft

Complete results in PDF form


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