Interview With Men's World Cup Champion Lukas Bauer

FasterSkierJune 13, 2008

Flash interview with Lukas Bauer

30-year-old Lukas Bauer from the Czech Republic was the dominator of the Cross-Country season 2007/2008. He won the Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski performance by Craft Sportswear, the overall FIS World Cup as well as the distance World Cup title. The FIS Cross-Country News had the chance to interview the Czech ski star after his most successful season so far.

CCN: Lukas, after such an outstanding season that included the overall World Cup victory for the first Czech skier and the Tour de Ski title, what have you done in the last month or so to recover and recharge your body?

Lukas Bauer: I had just 3 training sessions since the WC Final in Bormio, but the reason was much more that I was quite busy ( with TV, journalists, sponsors, etc). My feeling is that everybody wants to shake my hand, take photos with me (smile). Yeah, I was the first Czech skier with the overall WC victory and the Tour de Ski title and that is the “result” of my super season. But, the first week of May, I had time for me and my family. We were together in Tunisia with a “switched off” mobile phone. It was a real vacation and great for recovery :-).

CNN: How has the life of Lukas Bauer changed with your success?

Lukas Bauer: During the previous 2 years, I was already a quite popular sportsman in the Czech Republic, but after my great successes last winter I think that 90% of the Czech people know me. It means that I have several duties such as signing autograph cards during shopping etc. But my life is still the same: I'm living in Bozi Dar on the German boarder very close to Rene Sommerfeldt, my trainer is still Miroslav Petrasek (he is also the head coach of the Czech men's national team) and my personal serviceman is Vit Fousek as in the past.

CNN: How does your personal summer preparation look for next season and with whom do you plan to train?

Lukas Bauer: I started training during early May as always. My plan is to participate in each camp with the Czech national team. This includes also a high altitude camp in Passo Tonale (ITA) in June and skiing in the ski tunnel in Torsby (SWE) in July. When I am training at home, I want to have some training sessions together with Rene Sommerfeldt.

CCN: Next winter we will have two highlights: the third edition of the Tour de Ski with three Stages in the Czech Republic and the FIS Nordic Ski World Championships in Liberec. What are your main goals for next season?

Lukas Bauer: My goal for next season is to be in top shape during the WSC in Liberec and fight for a medal. I want a medal from an individual race and we (me and the rest of the Czech team) want to also fight for a medal in the relay competition. The relays are specific races, but I think that we can be strong and it has always been a big motivator for us in the last 3 years.

CCN: Last, but not least, a look into the future: What will Lukas Bauer be doing in ten years?

Lukas Bauer:….Still be on the WC scene as an active skier (big smile)….No, I'm sure not, but maybe there will be some possibilities to continue as part of top level skiing. We will see what will come, but now, I'm looking forward to next season with WSC in Liberec and also to my university studies where I want to complete my Bachelor title this summer.

Source: FIS


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