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FasterSkierJuly 24, 2008

Jorgen Aukland, last year’s Vasaloppet Champion, had a tough start to the training season. Despite being exhausted from a long racing season, the decorated marathon skier is already at a higher level now than he was at the same time of a year last season.

After many races and a long season, Jorgen Aukland took almost the whole month of April off to rest. On May 1st, along with other elite skiers, he pushed his body back into training and since then has had his best start to the training season ever in his long racing career.

“I was completely exhausted in the month of April. I barely trained the whole month after a tough season with lots or travel and racing. I was spending a lot of energy all winter with little rest, and after my last race the balloon popped. It was nice to take it easy in April, I really needed it,” says Jorgen to

In August Jorgen will move back to Oslo to be closer to his teammates. The month of July will be spent training mostly at home with minimal travel days.

“In the summer I will train a good deal in Oslo and Tonsberg. We won’t travel so much as in the past, but have planed some short camps where the team will train hard together. Afterwards we’ll head to Torsby and a few other camps on snow.”

His training focus will place the most emphasis on roller skiing, running, biking and kayaking. Intensity workouts are running and roller skiing, and Aukland will begin to minimize his biking and kayaking in exchange for more specific methods as the summer rolls along.

“I have tried to kayak a good deal this year. When the Vasaloppet comes around, and you’re at 80 kilometers, 100 training hours in the boat is much better than 100 hours on the bike,” explains the defending champion.

Come August, Aukland will also be racing a fair bit. Uphill running races, the national cross country running championships and duathlon championships are just a few of the races on the plan.


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