Putin Calls For Relocation of 2014 Venues

FasterSkierJuly 4, 2008

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is “calling for controversial Olympic facilities planned for Sochi to be relocated, saying ecological concerns are more important than expense.” Sochi is the host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

In June, FasterSkier ran an article on the concerns of environmentalists. Several of the venues, the athlete's village and the bobsled among them, border a Unesco World Heritage Site, including the Caucasus State Biosphere Nature Reserve.

Apparently Putin has responded to these concerns and would like to make adjustments. While that may appease some of the the environmental activists, the increase in cost, and delays in construction raise another set of significant issues.

Read the article from the San Francisco Chronicle:
Report: Putin wants Sochi facilities moved

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Sources: San Francisco Chronicle, The Times On-line

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