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FasterSkierAugust 9, 2008

With the number of posts on FasterSkier blogs over the last few weeks, it has been easy to miss some interesting content. Here are some highlights with links to the full articles.

Kris Freeman kicked off his FasterSkier blog with a detailed account of a challenging adventure triathlon in New Hampshire:

Top Notch

Andy Newell posted twice from New Zealand – first with an excellent video giving a behind the scenes look at the famous Snow Farm in New Zealand. We have all seen photos of the ski trails, but Andy shows us where the athletes spend their time when not training – and what hey do to pass the time.

Snow Farm VIDEO

He follows up with a report on one of the hardest training weeks of the summer before heading back to the US:

Final NZ week

Nordic Combined star Billy Demong, another new addition to world of FS blogs, reported on summer Nordic Combined racing in Europe (how many people knew they race on inline skates instead of rollerskis?) and is now home and preparing for the 5-day Tour of Utah cycling race.


For those of us who can't make it to the snow during the summer, Kikkan Randall posted a number of photos from the APU July Eagle Glacier camp.

Glacier Camp Photos

From Canada, Brooke Gosling posted a play by play of the renowned Canmore Uphill Time Trial, as well as a report on a 24 hour mountain bike race. Brooke has some excellent photos on her blog (be sure to click on them for a larger version) and it is worth checking out her post on rest days from earlier in the summer.

“THE” Uphill Time Trial- Canmore, AB

24 hours of Adrenalin Bike Race

Rest Days

Patrick Stinson finished second in the extremely challenging Crow Pass Crossing mountain race. His detailed description of the event is a pleasure.

The Reigning Son

Justin Freeman and Dave Chamberlain both updated us on their summers – Dave is at a training camp in Jericho, VT with the US Biathlon team, Justin is still gunning for a PR in a 5k and now has his brother to compete with on the blogosphere…


There is even more – Sam Tarling of Burke wrote an interesting essay on food and training after reading Michael Pollin's “The Omnivore's Dilemma” – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/burke/ . Max Durtschi of SVSEF has been named to the Junior Nation Cycling Team and will be racing in Europe – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/svsef/ . Laura Spector comes to FS as a rising force in US Biathlon – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/lauraspector/ . And the Callaghan Valley Training Center joins Brooke in reporting from north of the border – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/cvtc/ .

Bowdoin College's Nat Herz died hard in a cycling race, bummed a swordfish steak mid-race, summited Mt. Washington, and generally has been making good use of his summer – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/natherz/ .

You can always access the FS blogs at http://blogs.fasterskier.com and see the most recent posts in the left navigation of the main site.


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