Central Cross Country Ski Association Elite Team Athletes Will Assist In Fitting Skis And Ski Boots

FasterSkierSeptember 5, 2008

Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the CXC Elite Team presence at major Nordic ski shops in the Midwest including Finn Sisu, Gear West and Hoigaard’s.

”We are very excited about this opportunity to share our experience and knowledge on ski and boot fitting. CXC Elite Team athletes will help customers select and properly fit equipment as they do for themselves. Finn Sisu, Gear West and Hoigaard’s are important partners of CXC and the Nordic community. We are honored to support them as well”, commented Yuriy Gusev, CXC Executive and Athletic Director

CXC Elite Team athletes will also assist in the selection of ski poles and other training gear such as glasses, heart rate monitors and wax. A presentation on CXC Academy, CXC’s newest on-line training and coaching web site, will be offered at Finn Sisu and Gear West on Saturday. Participants will learn about the benefits of what CXC Academy www.cxcacademy.com offers and how it may be used to benefit training and coaching. Included will be a description of the recently added four month Birkie Training Program and High School Championships Training Program.

“CXC Elite Team has been winning on Salomon (Skis, Boots and Bindings) since the team's inception two years ago. These champion athletes have great knowledge about the sport of cross-country skiing and about selecting cross-country ski equipment. As Salomon ambassadors they will be on hand at these Salomon Key Retailers during this busy sales event to answer any Cross-Country Skiing and Salomon equipment questions”, said Andy Gerlach of Salomon Nordic.

Schedule of CXC Elite Team athlete presence:

Finn Sisu

Friday, September 12
10am to 1pm — Caitlin Compton, & Gus Kaeding
1pm to 4pm — Brian Gregg & Kristina Owen

Saturday, September 13
10am to 1pm — Brian Gregg, Kristina Owen
1pm to 4pm — Caitlin Compton, Gus Kaeding

Gear West

Saturday, September 13
10am to 1pm — Jojo Winters & Al Duncan
1pm to 4pm — Garrott Kuzzy & Maria Stuber

Sunday, September 14
12pm to 3pm — Garrott Kuzzy
1pm to 4pm — Jojo Winters


Saturday, September 13
10am to 1pm — Matt Liebsch & Andre Watt
1pm to 4pm — Andre Watt & Bryan Cook

Sunday, September 14
10am to 1pm — Al Duncan
1pm to 4pm — Matt Liebsch

CXC Academy Presentation

Finn Sisu

Saturday, September 13
10am to 11am
Presenter: Yuriy Gusev

Gear West

Saturday, September 14
1pm to 2pm
Presenter: Bryan Fish


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