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FasterSkierSeptember 13, 2008

Are you passionate about sports and the impact they can have in our society? Are you ready to be challenged by taking on the future of an organization dedicated to making a difference?

Olympic Gold Medalist Chandra Crawford is looking for a seriously motivated, confident, skilled and outgoing person to lead the organization while she focuses on training for the 2010 Olympics. Fast and Female needs a “Director”. You can work from home anywhere in Canada and will be responsible for organizing events, marketing, communications, media relations and helping with fundraising.

Job Title

Company Description
You want to work at a cool startup . . .

Fast and Female is the beginning of a revolution. Since 2005, events in British Columbia, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta have expanded the organization into an exciting program with athletes of all levels involved. Success in the short-term means getting more girls hooked on cross- country skiing. In the long term, the goal is to turn Fast and Female into a nation-wide wellness-through-sport program.

Check things out at for more info.

Personal Qualities/Skills
You are…

-Experienced in marketing, communications, event organizing or fundraising… Have you raised a heap of money for a cause? Have you worked in marketing or communications? Have you built or maintained a website? Have you organized events for hundreds of people?

-Outgoing and great with people
-Enthusiastic about sport
-Excellent with computer stuff (organizational, promotional and website)
-Sharp with accounting and can stick to a budget
-A solution seeker
-Connected to the business world with possible sponsorship contacts

-Background in marketing, communications, event organizing or fundraising.
– A University degree in one of these fields would be a plus.
– Experience would be an even bigger plus!…

-This a part-time contract position beginning November 1, 2008. Re- negotiation May 1, 2008 for a 1-2 year term that is optimal for both you and Fast and Female.
-Work from your home anywhere in Canada. Travel to 1-3 events per year. Travel as needed to meet sponsors.
-Approximately 15-30 hours per week of work, with more work and time required around the events.

-25-30$/hr based on qualifications/experience

To Apply…
Please send to Chandra Crawford at by October 1, 2008.:
– resume and cover letter summarizing your motivation and qualifications for the position
– A 300-word sample press release about a fictitious F+F event. Include a made-up quote from: 1) a participant, 2) a parent of a participant, 3) an instructor, 4) a sponsor, and 5) Chandra in your release.
– If you are interested in a Fundraising Job (rather than the Director position) please send a breakdown of how you would raise $150,000 per year for Fast and Female. Include Strategy, Company names, and estimated timeline. (This information will be kept strictly confidential.) Just give us a sense that you could actually pull this off… for serious offers 20-30% commission would be discussed.

THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST! If we get someone hired and get some sponsorship $ there will be an event somewhere in Canada late March 2009… stay tuned!


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