Team Today: A Changing of the Seasons

FasterSkierSeptember 19, 2008

It is true, skiers are made in the off-season. As spring draws to a close we are well into our new training year, and as the summer months roll by, load increases. I train hard all summer, spending four separate weeks on the Eagle Glacier logging many on-snow hours, and systematically go through periods of high intensity and others of high volume.

Now it is decidedly fall here in Alaska, the midnight sun no longer graces us with its presence. I wake up to darkness at 6:30 AM, and there’s a nip in the morning air when I begin training. And while many Alaskans bemoan the waning daylight, the overcast sky, and the impending winter weather, I relish this time of year. The tundra-covered mountain slopes surrounding the Anchorage bowl are blanketed in shades of red, yellow, and orange. But unlike other areas of the country, where fall is a gradual transition, a full season in length, this time of year in the North is a quick snapshot.

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