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FasterSkierOctober 6, 2008

Most Nordic skiers spend too much time obsessing about ski fit, and not enough time caring about boot fit. There is no question that having skis of the right flex should be an important priority. However, it is a huge mistake on the part of many skiers to place such little concern on boot fit. The ski won’t perform if the boot isn’t properly transferring energy. The skiers themselves won’t perform if their feet are sore and uncomfortable.

Atomic has taken a step that is common with footwear manufacturers in running, cycling and other endurance sports. The athletes’ feet need to be held securely in their shoes with no slop, while maintaining genuine comfort. The answer is BOA technology.

The Boa Ratchet

BOA is a Colorado based company that offers the highest level of athletic boot and shoe fitting technology. This system uses a ratchet that controls a series of cables. These cables connect to the bottom of a soft rubber like plate that fits above the foot. It is the plate, not the cables, that goes over the foot. Turning the ratchet tightens the cables which pulls the plate over the foot. The end result is a secure fit that is far more comfortable and secure than the fit that comes with lacing. The plate can provide a snug fit without any pressure points that makes for great combination of comfort and performance.

Boa skate

Tightening or loosening the Boa boots only takes a couple of seconds. Gloves do not need to be removed and the poles can be left on

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