The End of an Era: Dismantling of the Hill Tower on Holmenkollen

FasterSkierOctober 17, 2008

A major part of the preparations for the 2011 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Oslo (NOR) is the rebuilding of the ski stadium at Holmenkollen. Key to this modernization process is the reconstruction of the large jumping hill which, as well as the construction of a new normal hill at Midtstuen. Construction is scheduled to be completed in time for the test events in 2010.

The ski jump dates, in its present form, from the Winter Olympics of 1952. It's been modernized and expanded several times since, but needed a full overhaul if Oslo was to succeed in its bid to host the Nordic Skiing World Championships in 2011.

The city did succeed, and after months of political quarreling over its huge price tag, it finally was decided that a new ski jump will rise in its place on the hilltop that's seen from virtually every corner of the capital.

Demolition of the existing 56-meter high tower was scheduled to begin yesterday with the removal of the start house, the so-called diamond. There will be no explosion. Instead, the plan calls for a controlled piece by piece ‘peeling off’ of the different parts of the high-standing tower construction. The Ski Museum, located at the bottom of the hill facility, will not be impacted. The deconstruction of the lower part began in September, with the removal of pieces of the tribunes and judges’ tower.

By December, the entire tower will have been dismantled. To get a glimpse of the different phases of the complex operation, click here to view a computer animation.

Progress can be followed on a webcam here.

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