US Disabled Ski Team Seeks Head Coach

FasterSkierOctober 9, 2008

The USDST Head Coach is essential toward the efficient achievement of the athletic goals of the individual members of the Disabled Cross Country Team and the USSA. The Head Coach provides the leadership and direction for the team based on expertise, experience and the agreed upon athletic plan. This position must be filled with an individual who is results oriented, strives to lead, is a team player, operates with integrity and is a good communicator.

Individuals holding this position should have had experience coaching and leading programs and must possess the basic skills and experience necessary to make good athletic decisions for the team and the athletes.

Position: Full-time salaried position with benefits
Reports to: USDST Program Director

Job Responsibilities:

1. Execute an athletic plan that provides for winning at every level.
a. Team Goals
b. Athlete EPM's

2. Direct the athletes and staff to achieve the highest goals possible personally and professionally in a manner that has integrity with a focus on performance and sportsmanship.

3. Cross Country Team Operations and Administration
a. Coordinate Team logistics, including competition entries, travel and lodging arrangements.
b. Arrange for cash advances and coaches’ per diem.
c. Work with Program Director to publish yearly team policies and procedures.

4. Coach and staff management
a. Staff selection and compensation
b. Staff review and feedback
c. Individual athlete goal setting
d. Oversee that competition plans are followed and modified as necessary to meet the individual athlete needs as well as the agreed upon philosophies and plans.

5. Team Selection
a. National Team
b. World Cup Team
c. Paralympic Teams (In conjunction with USP)
d. World Championship Team

6. Communication with Program Director
a. Communicate directly and continuously with the Program Director to learn of and appraise plans, and changes to plans for the Cross Country Disabled Team.

7. Budget Management
a. Work with Program Director to plan and execute an agreed upon budget that focuses resources exclusively on the execution of the Athletic Plan.
b. Insure that operational plans are compatible with budget plans.
c. Manage expense reporting systems for athletes.

8. Assist Program Director on special projects
a. Coordination of National Championships/World Cup.
b. Compile detailed scheduled of all camps, events, fundraising functions for season. Work with each event site to compile contact information, etc.

Required Skills:

Understanding and knowledge of people with disabilities
Attention to details
Ability to look forward and recognize work that needs to be done
Superior skiing skills with attention to technique
Strong teaching skills
Strong experience with wax selection and application

Submit Resumes to:

Closing date: November 1, 2008


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