What Makes an Amazing Ski?

FasterSkierOctober 31, 2008

Kris Freeman has one really amazing pair of skis. He’s got lots of good skis, but just one that is really amazing, and really amazing in just about all conditions.

Last May when Nathan and I were testing skis at the US Ski Team camp in Whistler we got to ski on a lot of good skis. We had a whole bunch of next year’s Peltonens to try out. We were also skiing on a bunch of new Madshus skis for Leif Zimmerman and Noah Hoffman. We identified some really good skis and then we played with binding position (thanks to NIS plates) to find the “sweet spot” on the pairs that we really liked. When we were satisfied that we had some great skis I suggested that I should take a spin on Kris’s “261” (last three digits of the serial number) ski as a reference. After all, we know that this ski is happy running at the front end of a World Cup field. As references go we had reason to believe that the bar was set pretty high. Sure enough, stepping onto the 261 ski was like…, well…, it was different. Amazing. That’s what it was.

To find out what makes an amazing pair of skis, read the full article from Boulder Nordic Sports:
What Makes an Amazing Ski?


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