FasterSkierNovember 6, 2008

No, I’m talking about the ability to stand on one ski better than anyone else, or your ability to squat large amounts of weight on a Bosu ball. I’m talking about equilibrium in life; your ability to balance being a skier and being a person.

It can become very easy, as an athlete, to become robotic; eat, train, eat, train, sleep, repeat. While this may sounds simple and even enticing for some, it is a recipe for disaster. There are very few who can pull it off but most of us need more. We need hobbies that pull us away from being a competitor and allow us to be “normal people” for a while. Some people have sports teams they religiously follow and even refer to the team as if they are a part of it. Some take classes, some skateboard, some draw, and some volunteer, but the one common thread is a developed passion for something aside from skiing. I truly believe that having something in your life that takes you away, even if for only a few hours a day, it is important in becoming the athlete and person you want to be.

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