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FasterSkierNovember 12, 2008

Product Review: Mila PLS 100 Headlamp

The Mila Headlamp is a high luminosity rechargeable headlamp designed for outdoor endurance athletes.

Summary: I have been testing the Mila PLS 100 for a full year now, using the lamp for a variety of activities in all types of conditions. Overall, the Mila is an excellent rechargeable headlamp and is highly recommended.

Pros: Extremely bright, dual lighting settings, headpiece is light and comfortable.
Cons: No charge indicator, price.

The Mila headlamp is designed for serious endurance athletes, but is suitable for anyone who wants to run, bike or ski safely after dark.

The front view. The lamp is a bit mis-shapen due to harsh treatment, but it still works great. Note the two bulbs.

The Mila PLS 100 on a helmet.

The battery.

The Mila is imported from Sweden, where it is a leading brand. Each lamp comes with a battery pack and charger. There is not a US specific model, so a plug adaptor (from Euro to US) is included. This works fine, and if you lose yours, you can pick up another for a couple of bucks at Radio Shack.
For a full charge, it is recommended that the 6V9ah NiMH battery be charged overnight. There is a small LED on the charger that is red during charging, and switches to green when the battery is fully charged. One drawback is that there is no charge indicator on the battery pack, meaning that you don’t know how much charge you have left. So be sure to fully charge the battery before extensive use. I would grab the lamp without charging when I knew I would only need it for the tail end of a run or ski — and fortunately never ran out of juice (A quick aside — several years ago I took my old rechargeable halogen out without charging — assuming it was full — it wasn’t, and I found myself on the top of the mountain in a sleet storm in the dark with no light. So charge your battery).

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