WebSkis Offers Large Discount on Pro-Skis Until December 1st

FasterSkierNovember 21, 2008

Now that most of rollerski season is behind, we hope, it would be a good idea to take stock of your equipment and see if you need to replace or maybe upgrade for next year. Webskis.com is the United States distributor for Pro-Ski Rollerski products and is offering a Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas rollerski special sale. Pro-Ski has been in the rollerski business for many years and produces models for both skating and classic skiing.

Skate specific models are the S2 and the S5E. The S2 is made with small, fast urethane wheels and is a very easy ski to use on smooth pavement. The S5E uses taller, 100mm wheels that have a softer rubber. The taller wheels and rubber compound combine to make a wheel that is better for rougher, chip-seal pavement. They also tend to roll more easily over small stones or small sticks that may be on the road surface. Former US Ski Team Nordic skiers found these skis were great to take to Europe for a number of reasons. They are built on a shorter shaft and are fairly light. This made them easy to pack for travel.

The most popular classic ski model is the C2. This ski comes with rubber wheels that are 50 mm wide and a rear wheel that is ratcheted for the classic “kick” phase. The C3 is the same as the C2, but with slower wheels. If you want to increase the resistance in your specific strength workout, these might be the choice. A model of classic ski that requires better technique is the Pro-Ski Roadline Tech. This ski has a narrow rubber front wheel that is ratcheted with a free-wheeling wide rear wheel. To get good kick using this ski the weight of the skier needs to be up on the ball of the foot. There are college coaches who mandate that their skiers use this ski for classic workouts.

For a very limited time (from now until December 1, 2008) WebSkis.com is offering any of the models described above for only $250 per pair, a $100 savings!

Visit http://www.webskis.com for more information and to purchase skis.