Fischer/Fasterskier Photo Contest II

FasterSkierJanuary 23, 2009

Capture a moment of glory, despair, or just sweet action. Send your best “Racing” photo to FasterSkier and you could win one of several ski-related accessories from Fischer…not to mention everlasting fame! Thanks to Fischer ( for sponsoring this contest!

Theme: “Racing”

Interpret it as you like. As long as it has something to do with competition, it counts! Seeing that it is winter, better make it a ski racing photo. Please include the name of the event, the location, and the date.

The deadline for the contest is:
12:00 Midnight, EST
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Photo contest winners will be posted in a gallery during the week of February 9-13, 2009.

Anyone can participate. Regardless of whether you are a professional or an amateur. You can submit ONE photo per person, maximum! Images will be judged by FasterSkier.

Photos must be submitted electronically (via email) to:, please put “Fischer/Fasterskier Photo Contest” in the subject field.

Best of all, this contest is FREE! There are absolutely no entry fees… so enter today!
Are there prizes? Yes. But just think, you’ll get your really cool picture posted on FasterSkier as part of a winning photo gallery. Find your best photo and send it along. It only takes 5 minutes.


First Prize: Fischer Backpack (MSRP: $74.95 USD)
First Prize: Fischer Backpack (MSRP: $74.95 USD)
Second Prize: Fischer Thermo Drink Belt (MSRP: $39.99 USD)
Second Prize: Fischer Thermo Drink Belt (MSRP: $39.99 USD)
Third Prize: Fischer Drink Fit Belt (MSRP: $18.99 USD)
Third Prize: Fischer Drink Fit Belt (MSRP: $18.99 USD)

What you need to do to submit a photo:

-Email your photo (ONE maximum) to by Wednesday, February 4, 2009.
-Please include your name, mailing address, & phone number.
-Please include a caption for your photo, and location of where photo was taken.
-Photo must be YOURS. If someone else took it and you didn’t get permission to send it in, we don’t want it.

The Fasterskier 2009 Digital Photography Contest is open everyone. But read below:

The fine print: You will retain all rights to any photograph you submit — including ownership if applicable — other than those rights licensed in the next sentence. By entering the contest, you hereby grant to Fasterskier (i) a nonexclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, publicly display and publicly perform the photographs you submit to Fasterskier, and (ii) the right to use your name, city, state and country of residence in promotions and other publications. Fasterskier reserves the right to adjust any deadline(s) as the result of causes beyond its immediate control.

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