Nationals: Pictures From Monday’s Skate Race

Train WreckJanuary 7, 2009

Here are a few more photos from Monday’s skate race.

David Predeger, the official photographer for the event, has posted his albums from the skate race as well. You can find them here.

Also, has some terrific photos from the wax trailers. Check out their song of the day as well. This author is in full agreement with this important race-day decision.

As always, Team Today has a terrific set of pictures from the race as well.

So how is everyone holding up out here? Having lived in Anchorage for 28 years, this author would like to add that this weather is *totally whacked out*. Well, in Anchorage, when the weather gets tough, the tough go to First Tap.

If you are still in town on Thursday night and looking for a good time after sundown, check out The Bear Tooth’s “First Tap” party for rockin’ music and top-class refreshments. The local mega-whole-in-the-wall-pizza-pub debuts a new beer every month with a band and over 1000 people in a converted movie theatre. Check here for event info.

Photos of Salomon athletes courtesy of Heather Thamm.

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