Solda Wax Tips for Noquemanon and Nancy P’s Classic

FasterSkierJanuary 23, 2009

Solda Wax tips for this weekend – Noquemanon and Nancy P’s Classic

Noquemanon Marathon

Looks like a classic UP weather day for a classic UP race. The forecast
that I can get here in Bend looks like this:

Friday overnight low of -5F. I could be pretty windy. Race time temp in
Ishpeming at around 0F, blowing snow. Humidity around 80%. High for the
day about 6F, maybe a balmy 9 in Marquette. You at the race should monitor
conditions. I will give two recommendations. Adjust to conditions.

1. For new natural snow in these cold conditions crayon on a layer of
HC28; apply a couple layers of SOLDA F15 Blue scraped and brushed. Apply a
layer of SOLDA F40 Green then a layer of SOLDA S32 scraped and brushed.
Finish with SOLDA HP06.

2. If it is drier and the course has a lot of wind blown natural snow,
start with SOLDA HC28 crayoned on and covered with a couple layers of
SOLDA F15 Blue. Cover this with SOLDA S20. This works well in East slope
of Rockies on dry snow. Could be too humid in MI for this, Check humidity
today and tonight and forecast.

Kick wax: You all can probably guess. I am not there. I would try some
Rode Alaska or Green Special; maybe Swix VR30.

Nancy P’s Classic Race

This coming Sunday, January 25, is the rescheduled Nancy P’s classic race.
While the weather is changing back to be more winter-like, the current
forecast does not indicate a lot of new snow. The current jet stream is
ushering in a colder Canadian air mass that is not carrying much moisture.

Forecast as follows: Saturday overnight low is 15 F (-10C); chance of snow
after midnight; Sunday temp at 10:o0 17F (-8C); chance of snow showers,
total of 2-4 inches forecast; humidity near 90%.

Glide wax: I am thinking the following. For the full treatment, base of
UF7, followed by F31 Violet, followed by F40 Violet. If it is on the
colder/drier side of the forecast, final layer of HP05/S30 mix 70/30. If
it is on the warmer side and humid, HP05 as last layer. The S30 hardens
the wax for drier abrassive conditions.

For saving money go with UF7 and F15 Violet. Remember to scrape and brush
between layers.

Kick wax: Iron in a binder. It could be a Rode Green, a Toko Green or Swix
G34. After ironing, cork the binder smooth. I will probably go with Rode
Fast Blue Special -3 to -7C. Swix VR 40 could be good choice. I will test
wax Saturday and if I have time, post an update here. Always carry some
kick wax selections that are a bit warmer and a bit colder to adjust.


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