Masters World Cup Relay

FasterSkierFebruary 5, 2009

After yesterday’s events, we will remember the cheers from the crowds who came to support their teams.
The stadium looked like a beehive and created a great atmosphere.

Despite Tuesday’s dull weather, snow conditions yesterday were surprisingly good. Relay racers claimed
the supreme title of Masters Nordic Team World Champions. The show was impressive and the crowds enthusiastic throughout the day.

In the F1 female category, the Russian team won Gold with the Italian team bringing the Silver medal home. The 3rd place goes to the French team (Anne Laure Mignerey, Gaspard Isoline, Florence Marguet and Annick Vaxelaire).

The Men’s races had some exciting battles with sprint finishes. In the 10 male events, France was on the podium 5 times, with Russia, Italy, Norway and Germany also very well represented.

American relay teams in the top three:

F03 – 4 x 5 Km (Relay – CL-CL-F-F)

USA ( 33)
3rd 1:44:09,300
STEINBACH, Lori – HEERDT, Meg – DIXON, Sherry – FILLMORE, Maggie

F04 – 4 x 5 Km (Relay – CL-CL-F-F)

USA ( 45)
3rd 1:43:21,900
WHOLEY, Louise – BAUER, Nancy – COURY, Audrae – LARSEN, Paula 4

M04 – 4 x 5 Km (Relay – CL-CL-F-F)

USA (406)
3rd 0:58:24,200

Complete results


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