Toko Wax Recommendation for the American Birkebeiner

FasterSkierFebruary 18, 2009

American Birkebeiner
Cable to Hayward, WI
Saturday 21 February
Wave Starts from 8:10 am
Different distances up to 53k

Forecast/Conditions: Low of -1F Friday night and a high of  20F Saturday.   Expect a hard frozen transformed base with a bit of powder on top and/or mixed in.

Glidewax: Apply LF Moly/LF Blue 1:1, scrape and brush, then apply  HF Blue, scrape and brush with copper and then horsehair brushes.  Finish by rotocorking JetStream Blue, brushing with a dedicated nylon polishing brush, and polish with a thermo pad.

Gripwax: We will make the grip wax call as soon as we think we know what it is.  It looks like it might be Green Klister covered by Carbon Grip White or Carbon Grip Blue for later starters.

Structure: Fine linear stonegrind or one pass with the Toko Structurite on fine linear.

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