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Katie WhiteMarch 16, 2009

Perillat and Faivre-Picon Win the Marathon de Bessans

Ivan Perillat and Anouk Faivre-Picon won this year’s Marathon de Bessans, a 42 km freestyle race. Nearly 1,000 participants competed in the three races of the season opening.

Sprint decision in the men’s race.

Three Frenchmen sprinted for victory in the marathon’s main event. In the end, Ivan Perillat was two seconds faster than Mathias Wibaut. The third finisher was Robin Duvillard. In the women’s race, Anouk Faivre-Picon finished nearly one minute before the previous Olympic athlete, Emilie Vina.

Perfect winter weather for the participants.

The forecast predicted wonderful winter weather, delivering cold, sunny conditions. Nearly 1.000 participants competed in three distance races: the 42 km and 21 km freestyle races and the 25 km classical race.

Kattilakoski and Nevala Win the Dolomitenlauf.

Teemu Kattilakoski and Susanna Nevala (both FIN) won the 60 km race of the Dolomitenlauf in Lienz, Austria. Thomas Freimuth and Steffi Felgenhauer finished third and fourth, respectively.

Slim decision in Lienz.

An early attack brought Teemu Kattilakoski victory in the men’s race of the Dolomitenlauf. For a long time a large lead pack dominated the race, before the World- Cup-experienced freestyle specialist, Kattilakoski, opened a ten second gap. In the narrow roads of Lienz, the chasers could follow, but not overtake, the Finn. Christian Hoffman (Austria) finished second, in front of Thomas Freimuth and the leader of the FIS Marathon Cup Marco Cattaneo (Italy). In the women’s race, Susanna Nevala finished  two minutes ahead of the Russian, Anna Andreeva. The Austrian, Andrea Reithmayr, finished third, in front of Steffi Felgenhauer.

Three days full of competition.

In addition to the 60 km main race, four other competitions took place at the Dolomitenlauf. On Friday, Harald Wurm won the Dolomitensprint, outskiing Lars Hänel, Davorin Skvaridlo, and Johannes Bredl. On Saturday, the Czech, Stanislav Rezac, and the Norwegian, Grete Flottum, won the 42 km classic race in Obertilliach. The Italian, Germana di Padova, and the Austrian, Thomas Ebner, won the races over 20 km. Swiss skiers Nicole Donzallaz and Isidor Scheuerl dominated the short distance race on Sunday.

Cross-country festival at the Marcialonga.

The final climb up to Cavalese decided the winners of the Marcialonga on Sunday. More than 6,000 athletes crossed the Val di Fiemme e Fassa on cross-country skis.

Ahrlin strong in the beginning.

For 70 km, the Marcialonga followed  relatively flat regions, with a few easy ascents and descents into the Italian valleys of Fassa and Fiemme. The course’s true test was in the last few kilometers. Before the “Cascata”, the 3k final climb, five athletes vied for first, but the Swedish Jerry Ahrlin attacked at the bottom of the final ascent, opening up a nine second gap on his opponents. Behind him, Joergen Aukland and Daniel Tynell fought for second, with Aukland edging out Tynell at the finish. The Norwegian’s brother, Anders, who arrived at the Marcialonga after the World Cup race in Otepää on Saturday, supported him in the first few kilometers. Marco Cattaneo (4th) and Thomas Freimuth (5th) fought to the finish as well, competing also for  FIS Marathon Cup points. Thus, the Italian still leads the FIS Marathon Cup. Freimuth was the best German athlete and was happy about his performance: “Today, I had a great day! It was very good,” said the 28-years old.

Pedersen, Surprisingly, Wins the Women’s Race.

Norwegian skier Hilde Pedersen and Sweden’s Jenny Hansson were the favorites in the women’s race. 500 meters before finish line, Hansson came into the view, behind Pederson. Although the Swedish athlete was leading, she had no more power in the last few meters and had to relinquish her victory to the Norwegian. Nina Lintzen form Sweden finished third, and Renate Forstner was the best German in 16th.

More Than 4.800 Participants Cross the Finish Line.

Behind the leaders, the other participants fought against each other and time throughout the evening. The 66-year-old Duilio Imberti finished after more than ten hours, in 4,830th place. Spectators and a organizers were waiting for him at the finish line, while most of the other participants were already on their way home.

36th Anniversary of the Biela Stopa Kremnica.

Despite weather problems, the Biela Stopa did take place in Kremnica. The winners of the main race were Pavol Hurajt and Jana Jetmarová.

Biathlete Wins.

Due to last week’s rain, organizers did their best to hold the Biela Stopa, preparing a shortened track of 37 km on Saturday’s freestyle race. Pavol Hurjat, a member of the Slovakian biathlon team won the race, surprisingly. The 30 year-old from Osrblie finished 1:15 min ahead of the Slovakian World Cup athlete, Ivan Batory. Radek Sretr form the Czech Republic finished at third. In the women’s race, the 30-year-old Jana Jetmarova won, followed ten minutes later by Slovakian Barbara Suchankova and Andrea Hruzova.

Members of the National Squad Win Short Distance Races.

World cup winner Alena Prochazkova and Michal Malak won the short distance races on Saturday, while on Sunday, Prochazkova and Peter Ziska won the classic races, which were shortened to 18.5 km. The best German athlete was Sandra Weinberger, who finished 7th in the classic race. In total, more than 1,000 participants from 10 nations took part in the competitions.

37th König-Ludwig-Lauf A Huge Success!

The 37th König-Ludwig-Lauf in Oberammergau will go down in history. With perfect conditions, the Czech Stanislav Rezac and the Swedish Jenny Hansson were victorious.

Two Distances and Two Techniques Offered.

On the competition schedule for the 37th König Ludwig Lauf, were four different races: 20km or 50km for freestyle, and 20km and 50km for classic. In total, more than 3,200 participants started on both days. Despite a lack of snow, the slopes were well-prepared. Racers skied on a 20km loop with an additional 10km loop for the long distance races.

Rezac and Hansson Win, Freimuth finishes 7th.

The winner of the 50 km classic race—part of the FIS Marathon Cup—was the Czech, Stanislav Rezac, finishing in 1:59:42 hours. The 35 year-old runner from Jablonec won the sprint in front of the Swedish Jerry Ahrlin, Marco Cattaneo (Italy), Anders Aukalnd (Norway), and Daniel Tynell (Sweden). The best German athlete, with a handicap of 30 seconds, was Thomas Freimuth in 7th. The Swedish dominated the women’s race, with Jenny Hansson finishing first by three minutes, in front of Sandra Hansson. Nina Lintzen finished 3rd with a handicap of 6 minutes, 30 seconds. Marion Balting, from Poppenhausen, was the best German, finishing 4th.

Short Distance and Freestyle Races.

Harald Schuler (Austria) and the young Marie Blaner won the 20km classic races. On Saturday, the mountain bike specialist Pia Sundstedt (Finalnd) won the 50 km freestyle race. In the men’s race, Marcus Enders defeated Michael Eberharter (Austria) in a sprint. The winners of the short distances were Nadine Horchler and Harald Schuler.

Euroloppet Race: Koasalauf

Local heroes Katerina Smutna and Christian Hoffmann won the 30 km classic race and the 45 km freestyle, respectively, at the Koasalauf in Austria.

Ruf and Steurer Fastest in the Classic Race.

On Saturday, Marion Ruf and the Austrian Thomas Steurer won the 30 km classic race in a sunny weather. In the women’s race, Renate Forstner appeared to win; however, Ruf crossed the finish line five minutes before, hidden in a group of men. Carmen Schindler finished at third. The men’s race was decided in a final sprint. Steurer edged out Christian Baldauf, and Martin Sutter finished a few seconds later in third. The shorter, 20 km race, was won by Katerina Smuta and Lukas Hechl. For the first time, the classic races weren’t held at the same time as the skating races; instead, they took place a day apart, allowing racers to compete in both races at the Koasalauf.

Difficult freestyle Race on Sunday.

After mild weather on Saturday, the freestyle experts had to fight with new snow on Sunday. A few meters from the start, it was nearly impossible to pass, because of the deep snow on either side of the course. Those able to overcome the difficult conditions were Steffi Meyr and ÖSV-Star, Christian Hoffmann, both winning the 45 km race easily. Tanja Erler and Sabrina Schraier finished at second and third, respectively, in the women’s race, while Michael Eberharter and Kristian Mehringer finished second and third in the men’s race. The Czech, Jiri Rocarek, and the Austrian, Anita Ludl, won the 30 km races.

1,400 Participants Despite the Altered Course.

Despite an announced course change, the organizers of the Koasalauf drew 1,400 avid cross-country skiers to the slopes of St. Johann. Nearly 400 children raced a 2km and a 4km course. The Special-Koasa and the Koasa-Light completed the new course.

Euroloppet Race: Transjurassienne

The French Karine Laurent-Philippot and Alexej Ivanov from Belarus won the 76km and  54 km main events of the Transjurassienne from Lamoura to Mouthe in France.

Winners Finish Easily.

Ivanov won by nearly one minute in the 76 km freestyle race, which is part of the FIS Marathon-Cup. The Italians, Tullio Grandelis and Marco Cattaneo, finished second and third, respecively. Philippot won the 54 km race, followed nearly 6 minutes later by Emilie Vina. The mountain bike-pro, Pia Sundstedt, from Finland, finished at third. In total, more than 2,100 participants completed the marathon.

Rezac and Bourgeois-Pin Prove Fastest in the Classic Race.

The French skier Elodie Bourgeois-Pin and the Czech skier Stanislav Rezac, won the 50km classic race, which was held on Saturday. In addition to the long distance races, the organizers offered a 30 km freestyle race, and a 25 km classical race. Race organizers welcomed more than 3,000 participants to the French Jura.

Tom Reichelt Wins the Gsiesertal-Lauf

Tom Reichelt and the Italian Daniela Jellici won the 42 km freestyle race of the Gsieser Tal Lauf. Approximately 2,400 cross-country skiers competed during a day with perfect conditions.

Reichelt Beats Kostner.

The main event, a 42 km freestyle race, required strong tactics in the beginning. During the ascent up St. Magdalena, a lead pack of five was able to break away. In the descent towards the finish line, Tom Reichelt, Fabio Santus, and Florain Kostner pulled away. Reichelt was quickest in the end and won the race—a final test for the World Championships 50 km race. In the women’s race Daniela Jellici finished, a minute ahead of Eugenia Bitchougova. The best German athlete was Barbara Häsch, who finished 5th. The Italians Magda Genuin and Dietmar Nöckler won the short distance races.

Steurer and Bitchougova Win the Classic Races.

Saturday’s 30K classical race took place in the Gsieser Tal. Thomas Steurer won the men’s race, in front of the Italians Claudio Consagra and Moreno Giacomlli. Andreas Möse was the best German athlete, finishing 4th. Eugenia Bitchougova finished first in the women’s race, followed by Veronika de Martin Pinter and Renate Forstner. The Swiss Laurien van der Graaf and Andreas Waldmeier won the city sprint of Welsberg, which was the opening ceremony of the race weekend.

The Chief of the organizing committee, Walter Felderer, along with all of the participants, were thrilled with sunny, cold temperatures and good snow conditions. The weather drew more than 2,400 cross-country skiers to the events.

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