Boulder Nordic Sport Launches Ercolina Upper Body Power Poling Machine and Vasa Poling Ergometer

FasterSkierApril 24, 2009

Boulder Nordic Sport (BNS) launches two new products for upper-body cross-country ski training today with the Ercolina Upper Body Power Poling Machine and the Vasa Trainer Ergometer.  The Ercolina machine is a new design of Italian Mirco Collavina’s famous Ercolina using magnetic resistance to provide poling simulation in a relatively small, portable package.  The Vasa Ergometer uses a contained wind turbine for resistance and can measure power output to provide repeatable tests for establishing poling power and effectiveness of training.  Both machines provide resistance adjustments and allow each arm to be used independently (single-poling) or together (double-poling).

The Ercolina weighs 24lbs and can be easily transported in the optional accessory bag.  Mounting options include bolting to a wall, mounting on the optional height-adjustable rails, or hooks that slip over a door.  Width between the poling straps is easily changed by adjusting two knobs.  Resistance can be adjusted independently for each side from very easy to nearly impossible.  BNS had this machine in our shop for a week and it worked for a 5-year-olds as well as professional skiers.

The Vasa Ergometer is much larger and better-suited to a permanent wall-mount installation.  Two pull cords exit the fan unit that sits at floor level and connect to frame-mounted pulleys at head-level.  BNS has had a Vasa Ergometer in the shop for eight months and it works well for both easy training and high-intensity testing.

The Ercolina is $975 and available for pre-order with expected arrival in the US by May 15. As a special promotion, orders placed before Thursday, April 30 will receive a free accessory bag, valued at $59.  The Vasa Ergometer is $1399 for the floor-mount machine or expected price of $1799 for the Vasa with mounting frame.   Both are available on-line at or by contacting Boulder Nordic Sport at 720.227.9400.

See a video of the Ercolina in use, along with a fantastic soundtrack at:

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