CXC 2009-2010 Masters Team Program Announcement

FasterSkierMay 20, 2009

CXC Masters Team was established two years ago as an outreach mechanism to promote cross country skiing and as a fundraising opportunity for the CXC Youth Program while providing unique opportunities to Master skiers around the region. This year the CXC Masters Team is expanding programming by establishing specific chapters around the region. CXC coaches will be assigned to each chapter to work with Master skiers in group and individual settings. Each chapter will have unique structures based on member’s needs.

– Twin Cities Area Chapter (Bryan Fish, CXC Elite Team Coach)
– Madison Area Chapter (Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director)
– Hayward Area Chapter (Bill Pierce, CXC Regional Development Coach)
– Milwaukee Area Chapter (Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director)
– Lower Michigan Chapter (Igor Badamshin, CXC Junior Development Coach)
– Chicago Area Chapter (Yuriy Gusev, CXC Athletic Director)

CXC Masters Team membership has many valuable benefits and advantages.  Participants will become more proficient athletes and/or coaches through the expertise, experience and knowledge of the highly successful CXC Elite Team. CXC Masters Team consists of three levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each level provides a unique set of benefits. These benefits include:

– Performance Testing with Review
– Professional coaching including training programs
-CXC Academy on line coaching
– Group and individual technique sessions
– VIP activities with special guests
– VIP Dinner on Saturday after the Birkie
– Birkie World Cup Wax Service
– CXC Elite Team Training/Racing Apparel
– Custom Selected Race Equipment through CXC Retail Partners

“Joining CXC Masters Team has been a dream come true for me. I started cross country skiing in 1977 and did my first Birkie in 1978. I joined the CXC Masters Team late season and got some early coaching which made major improvements to both my technique and comfort level skating. Then in Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to go to the Yellowstone Ski Festival with CXC. The coaching and skiing with several of the CXC Elite Team members significantly improved my skiing. The technique video analysis has been especially helpful along with the CXC Academy.  I highly recommend the CXC Masters team to anyone who loves the sport as much as I and hopes to improve both their technique and results.” – CXC Masters team

– Twin Cities Area Chapter Group Schedule:

5.23-24.2009; 8.1-2.2009; 10.17-18.2009; 1.9-10.2010

– Madison Area Chapter Group Schedule:

– Hayward Area Chapter Group Schedule:

5.23-24.2009; 8.1-2.2009; 10.17-18.2009; 1.9-10.2010

– Milwaukee Area Chapter Group Schedule:

6.13-14.2009; 8.1-2.2009; 10.17-18.2009; 1.9-10.2010

– Lower Michigan Chapter Group Schedule:

6.27-28.2009; 8.29-30.2009; 10.17-18.2009; 12.30-31.2009

– Chicago Area Chapter Group Schedule:


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