Technology to Make Mark At Olympics

FasterSkierMay 19, 2009

A number of high-tech innovations will be used at the Olympics – in some cases to add accuracy to scoring and timing, and in others, to enhance the spectator experience.


– A high-definition judges’ scoring system to be used in figure skating.

– A high-definition video replay system to be used in short-track speed skating.

– Global positioning technology to follow the progress of cross-country skiers.

– RFID technology for ski-cross and snowboard-cross events.

– A new “Chronos” device to time alpine skiing events.

The GPS chips on Cross-country skiers debuted as part of television broadcasts during this year’s Tour de Ski.  It allowed broadcasters to display a map of the course with moving marks representing real-time positions of skiers.  Personally I didn’t see this as an enhancement – merely a gimmick that took away from screen time of actual skiing.  This could be cool if implemented fro web use – a viewer could pick which skiers to track and see the race play out.  In the absence of live web video, this could be a solid option.  It would also allow viewers to follow the progress of a skier who is not covered by the broadcaster.  Usually only the top few skiers get much screen time.  If your favorite skier is not battling for the podium, you are lucky to catch a glimpse at any point.  

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