No Home Field Advantage for Canadian Skiers in Vancouver

FasterSkierJune 24, 2009

The Toronto Star reports the Canadian Cross-Country Ski Team will not have any perks from hosting the Olympics on home soil.  On issues ranging from grinding machines to Olympic Trials, VANOC has turned down requests in the name of fairness.  From the Toronto Star:

Canada’s cross-country ski team has heard all the talk about home-field advantage for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

They’re beginning to feel it’s nothing but talk.

Dave Wood, team leader for the national squad, said the Vancouver Organizing Committee (VANOC) has stymied the team at every turn in trying to gain benefits from being the host country for the Games.

Among those concerned by the situation is Olympic silver medallist Sara Renner.

“For some reason in cross-country, the home-field advantage is the exact opposite,” said the veteran skier. “They really try to make everything equal, but in making it seem like the Canadians have no advantage we sort of get the worst situation.”

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No love for the Canadians here....
No love for the Canadians here....


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