World’s Leading Game System Gives Nod to Maine biathlon

FasterSkierJune 17, 2009

Caribou, Maine Nintendo Wii, the world’s leading video game system, has come out with a biathlon game which features 13 World Cup venues and Maine biathlon fans will be excited to know that Fort Kent is one of them.

The game is an interactive system that requires you to simulate the skiing motion with a game wand in each hand while standing on a game-board shifting your weight from side to side. While the motion is not as physically demanding as a real ski race, both the athletes in the game and the players in real life get their heart rate up. That becomes an issue when you head into the range and try to hit your targets. The game lets you create your own athletes and as your athletes get more experience their skills improve – just like real biathletes.

“It’s a lot of fun to have a global giant like Nintendo become a part of the momentum and fun we are creating here in Maine,” says Andy Shepard, MWSC President. “I think it also is a statement about Maine’s new role on the world’s sports stage.”

Maine Winter Sports Center’s 10th Mountain Center in Fort Kent hosted Maine’s first Biathlon World Cup in 2004. Over 600 local volunteers put on a wildly successful event with 20,000 spectators over the three days of racing. Another 50 million watched live on TV around the world. The event was responsible for $5.2 million in economic impact to the Saint John Valley. Fort Kent will again host a Biathlon World Cup in 2011.

The Nintendo Wii game system retails for $250.00 and the biathlon game is $28.00.


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