Skjeldal Impresses Field in Hill Climb

Train WreckJuly 19, 2009

Kristen Skjeldal

19-07-2009 Av: Ola Jordheim Halvorsen


Tobarn’s father raced this weekend to a strong second place in the hill climb up Kvasshovden. The performance shows that the athlete’s form hasn’t faded since he hung up his skis.

“I have had a great time racing in the last few years.”

Spry in the legs but weaker in the upper body, the old skate specialist is well into the rhythm of being a family man and teaches at the high school in Voss, where he is responsible for the cross-country and Biathlon students. But he admits that his arms have less power less now than for four or five years ago.

“I can count the number of roller ski workouts I’ve had this summer on one hand, and I’m noticeably weaker in the upper body,” he claims, but adds that there is no reason to worry about it.

With second place in Saturday’s hill climb he can safely brag that he beat a few good racers.

“It was fun to beat racers like Martin J Sundby on Saturday, but give that boy a pair of skis and poles and I think I’ll just stay home in Voss,” he laughs, showing that his good humor is still in tact.

When asked if he’s going to stay in ski races through the winter, he starts to get a little unsure.

“Well, hmm, yes, no. Maybe. No wait, I don’t think so. Well, we’ll see.”

And everyone knows what that means.

50K at Norwegian Nationals maybe?

Full Results:
Kvasshovden opp 2009

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