CCC Releases Revised Competition Model

FasterSkierSeptember 24, 2009

Cross-Country Canada has released a revised version of the Canadian Competition Model for Able Body.

From the introduction to the revision:

The goal of this revision was to align the competition model with the LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development) guidelines per development stages, from Active Start to Training To Win. LTAD alignment means to avoid doing things we shouldn’t be doing from a developmental perspective for specific LTAD stages (like having Atoms and Pee-Wees racing on courses with long steep up hills and down hills) but it also means to prescribe race distances and race formats that will allow skiers to take advantage of the Optimal Windows of Trainability (refer to CCC’s LTAD guide) for the different development factors throughout LTAD stages, when applicable. In other words, racing is not just an end in itself but also one of skiers’ most important development tools.

More information on LTAD and related resources can be found here at the Cross-Country Canada Website.

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