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FasterSkierSeptember 11, 2009

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Two Time Olympic Cross Country Skier

Is her third time a charm?

By Brad Soroka
Thursday, September 10, 2009 at 9:47 p.m.

MARQUETTE – Lindsey Dehlin has been cross country skiing since she was three-years-old.

She entered her first competition at the age of seven, and 10 years later, she was an Olympian.

Lindsey is now 25 and training for a spot on her third Olympic team.

“It’s been awesome having people in the community that want to support me and what I do and what I’m training for,” she says.

The community is behind her, and Lindsey is the first to admit that she wouldn’t be where she is today without the backing of her family.  Her husband’s job: to remind her that there’s more to life than competitive skiing.  But he still loves being along for the ride.

“There’s not many people that get to compete at the level that she does.  And to be a part of that is absolutely amazing,” says her husband, Dan Dehlin.

Lindsey moved to Marquette several years ago to attend NMU.  While studying and skiing, she became an NCAA champion.  She stayed in Marquette because she loves it here.  And that love of the area piqued the interest of the folks at Bell Hospital.  They now sponsor the Olympian.

“We thought it was a perfect marriage for Bell to sort of spearhead a community drive where we could get behind Lindsey and watch her as she made her third quest to make the Olympic team,” explains David Edwards, Bell Hospital’s Marketing Director.

‘You know, when you’re out there doing a hard workout, you’re sweating, you’re tired, you’re breathing hard, you don’t want to do anymore…I can do one more…because if I do one more, that could push me towards the Olympics even farther,” says Lindsey.

She hooked back up with Sten Fjeldheim, her coach from her days at NMU, and his advice is for Lindsey is to just keep doing what she’s doing.

You can follow Lindsey’s path towards Vancouver at

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