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FasterSkier FasterSkierOctober 6, 2009

Here is a look at what I have been up to since arriving at the Lake Placid Olympic training center 5 days ago:

Friday-  am-distance skate rollerski, pm- distance trail run

Saturday-am- distance run, pm-over distance classic rollerski

Sunday- am-Level 4 bounding intervals, pm-recovery run

Monday-am- classic speed workout, pm-distance skate

Tuesday- am-over distance classic rollerski/run

I have a few things that I am focusing on during the camp such as improving my technique. With so many coaches around its easy to ask for help or to have one of them watch me during a workout. Another focus for the camp is intensity. I have already had two high quality intensity days with another one tomorrow and many more before the camp is over on the 14th. Now is a good time to work on going hard and fast because it is close to the season but there is also time to recover from it.  So with all of these hard workouts in such a short time recovering and rest are very important at a camp like this. One of the nice things about the training center is being able to use the ice bath. Being able to to go right from rollerskiing or running into the ice bath helps your body recover for the next workout. 


The girls during the over distance classic roll.

The girls during the over distance classic roll.




The dudes

The dudes


Ice bath post-rollerski.


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