Skinny Skis Announces Free Shipping and Mounting on V2 Roller Skis

FasterSkierOctober 1, 2009

Winter product is arriving fast, and we need to make room in our warehouse!  Skinny Skis is offering free shipping and mounting with any V2 Roller Ski and Binding set up. The offer won’t last long, and product is moving quickly as outdoor enthusiasts are soaking up every last bit of this summer weather!

These beautiful autumn days are the perfect training temperature for Nordic skiing while you are waiting for the weather to turn and the snow to fall. Follow Skinny Skis tips on equipment recommendations for Roller Skiing and Fall Nordic Training:

First, start with a great pair of roller skis that suits your fitness level and your local road conditions. The V2 98SL Roller Skis are an affordable option for anyone getting started!  If you are more experienced and train on both paved and unpaved roads then check out the V2 Aero XL 125S or V2 Aero XL 150S Roller Skis.  The 125 mm wheels on the XL125S perform exceptionally well on hard packed dirt roads and uneven pavement surfaces.  The 150 can negotiate rougher terrain because of the larger wheels and is better for heavier skiers. In addition to choosing the right roller ski for you, it is also important you are well equipped with a helmet, thin gloves to save your hands from road rash, and aluminum ski poles. Boots and bindings must also be purchased separately.

Shop our extensive collection of roller skis, boots and bindings at now!

For more tips on roller ski workouts this fall, visit us online and view our featured articles or subscribe to our mailing list to receive updated news and sale promotions.

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