Val di Fiemme 2013: Ahead of plan

FasterSkierOctober 29, 2009

The Organizing Committee of the 2013 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships welcomed the members of the FIS Coordination Group in their new office building in the heart of Cavalese, Val di Fiemme (ITA) on 26th October 2009.

Already now, at the 3rd meeting of the Group, the Organizing Committee was able to present a highly developed organization chart where each person has detailed responsibilities. The majority of the members have been involved in the previous Championships (1991 and 2003), not to mention the numerous FIS World Cup and other events, so the organization can build on significant professional experience. In fact, the 4th edition of the FIS Tour de Ski in January 2010 will represent the 100th FIS World Cup event staged by the Val di Fiemme team!

The marketing and communications team has spent significant time in defining the event’s mission and vision. The mission, “A Sport & Italian Style Festival,” together with the vision of a “landscape as living space: focus on life quality” perfectly integrates the goals of the OC with those of the local community. The new slogan “Valle vviva” will lend support to a great atmosphere in the whole valley during the Championships.

In close cooperation with the local tourism board, special efforts will be made to attract large numbers of spectators and create a fun atmosphere inside and outside stadiums. The local community shall be involved to a great extent and new projects for young people shall be developed including creative children’s activities around the Fiemme Arena.

The OC is aware that English language skills of volunteers are very important for spectator services. The innovative volunteer program already underway includes special language training through evening courses for the staff and volunteers.

From the sports technical side, improvements to sport structures and the road network are currently receiving priority attention. New construction at the Cross-Country stadium includes new facilities for the TV commentators, additional spectator tribunes, enlarged sub press center and additional office facilities. At the Predazzo jumping facility, a whole new support facility is being built.

FIS Secretary General Sarah Lewis commented: ” The Organizing Committee is ahead of the schedule in many tasks thanks to its early planning and well-established structure. The team have earned a big compliment for their drive, innovative ideas and commitment to press on with all areas of the work.”

Source: FIS


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