McCabe Fundraiser – 98% And Another Matching Offer!

FasterSkierDecember 22, 2009

In just a few hours, someone stepped up to match the $1,000 gift posted this morning!  With those two contributions, we are only $256 short of our $12,000 goal.

This time when I say “Let’s finish this today,” I really believe we can.  25 people at $10 each!

Thank you again to everyone who has participated so far.  Raising $12,000 is a significant task. So good work to all who have been part of the effort.  And it isn’t too late to get involved!  We need that last $256, and there is no reason we can’t go over our stated goal.

And even more exciting, I just received another offer of a matching gift!  So if someone else will step up at $1,000, it will mean another $2,000 total!  It only took a few hours for the first one, I bet we can get another!!


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