McCabe Fundraising: Matching Donation

FasterSkierDecember 22, 2009

We are now within $2,300 of the goal!  This morning I received an email from an individual, offering a $1,000 donation IF I can find a single matching donor – either an individual or a business before Christmas.  If you would be interested in matching this generous offer, please email me at

The donor submitted the following statement:

When Sean was diagnosed his greatest concern was for the well being of his wife Laura, and their two young daughters.  As many of you know, Sean and Laura have worked tirelessly to support and encourage young people to pursue their passions, whether their dreams are to paint a masterpiece, ski in the Olympics or achieve some other goal.  Sean and Laura were a team with a special ability to connect and inspire.  Laura continues to teach, encourage and inspire everyone around her to get outside, be healthy, dream and to go for it!  Giving support to the McCabes goes far beyond one family.  This fundraising effort is supporting the entire ski community and the young (and older) people who are actively pursuing their own dreams because of the McCabes.

And even if we receive the matching funds, we still will need another $300, so please keep the small donations coming!


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