McCabe Funraiser: Let’s End It

FasterSkierDecember 19, 2009

We have crossed the 75% mark and the end is in sight!  We saw some extremely generous donations this week, with individuals donating $1000, $500 and a number in the $100 range.  Add in a bunch of small donations, and we are getting very close.

The goal is to end the fundraiser by the end of the weekend.  With less than $3000 to go, I believe we can do it.

We have seen 125 individual donations to date.  And while I am thrilled we are so close, the overall participation is still disappointing.  If it weren’t for the large donations we wouldn’t even be close.  My plan of only needing $5 donations required that everyone chip in.  This hasn’t happened.  Over 6,000 people participate in the Birkie, and we only have 125 donations?

But we are still going to make it. One last push – think of it as the anchor leg on the relay team.  We are leading the race and need to bring it home.   I want to announce the completion on Monday morning, so lets get it done!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far!  The care and generosity you have shown is a wonderful thing.

Please visit the donation page to participate.

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