NorAm Sprint Qualifier – Gaiazova and Kuhn Lead the Way

FasterSkierDecember 19, 2009

Canmore, Canada – With Olympic spots on the line, Stefan Kuhn and Daria Gaiazova started the day on the right note, winning the classic sprint qualifier at the Canmore Nordic Center.

Gaiazova posted her usual strong qualification, besting runner-up Shayla Swanson by 3 seconds.  Canada took the top 7 spots, with Laura Valaas (APU) in 8th.

Kuhn was 1.5 seconds ahead of fellow Canadian Drew Goldsack.  Favorite Garrott Kuzzy (USST/CXC Team Vertical Limit) qualified 7th.

The course is relatively long with Kuhn clocking in at 3:41 and Gaiazova at 3:47.  THe women are racing a 1.45km loop and the men 1.7k.

The heats take place this afternoon.  The top Canadian will earn an Olympic berth, and Americans have a chacne to show their mettle in the classic sprint – one of the Olympic events.

Please note:  The following results are still considered unofficial.

Men’s Qualifiers

1 Stefan Kuhn CAN
2 Drew Goldsack CAN
3 Philip Widmer CAN
4 Brent McMurtry CAN
5 Graham Nishikawa CAN
6 Simeon Hamilton USA
7 Garrott Kuzzy USA
8 Frederic Touchette CAN
9 Lenny Valljas CAN
10 Chris Cook USA
11 Dan Roycroft CAN
11 David Greer CAN
13 Haakon Lenes CAN
14 Julien Nury CAN
15 Colin Rodgers USA
16 Mark Iverson USA
17 Mike Hinckley USA
18 Kit Richmond CAN
19 David Nighbor CAN
20 Dakota Blackhorse USA
21 Sean Crooks CAN
22 Christopher Butler CAN
23 Michael Sinnott USA
24 Mike Argue CAN
25 Jess Cockney CAN
26 Anders Haugen USA
27 Skeets Morel CAN
28 Brent Knight USA
29 Ian Murray CAN
30 Jeff Ellis CAN

Women’s Qualifiers:

1 Daria Gaiazova CAN
2 Shayla Swanson CAN
3 Rhonda Jewett CAN
4 Madeleine Williams CAN
5 Kate Brennan CAN
6 Sarah Daitch CAN
7 Andrea Dupont CAN
8 Laura Valaas USA
9 Emily Nishikawa CAN
10 Ida Sargent USA
11 Brooke Gosling CAN
12 Heidi Widmer CAN
13 Nicole De Yong USA
14 Audrey Weber USA
15 Rosie Brennan USA
16 Katie Ronsse USA
17 Karla Bailey CAN
18 Alysson Marshall CAN
19 Lindsay Williams USA
20 Jacqui Benson CAN
21 Kate Whitcomb USA
22 Adele Espy USA
23 Morgan Smyth USA
24 Erin Tribe CAN
25 Sara Hewitt CAN
26 Becca Rorabaugh USA
27 Marlis Kromm CAN
28 Erika Klaar USA
29 Sheila Kealey CAN
30 Megan McTavish CAN


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