Quick Questions With Morgan Arritola

Topher SabotDecember 13, 2009

Morgan Arritola (USA) finished 34th in yesterday’s 10km freestyle, her best result in a European World Cup.  This is Morgan’s first season racing regularly on the World Cup circuit.

Morgan Arritola (USST) 9th place  (Photo: Lance Parrish)
Arritola racing at US Nationals last year (Photo: Lance Parrish)

You had a great result today, did you feel this was one of your top international performances?

I have not been satisfied with how I have been racing since arriving in Europe, but today was a step in the right direction. I still don’t have that “all out” gear but I am confident it will be there when I need it to be.

How did you feel prior to the race?  Did you think you would have a good one today?

I felt okay warming up. I really worked on being positive about everything and being ready for anything. I didn’t feel great for the first lap of the race but I skied in to it.

I never let the warm up dictate my thoughts about how I will feel during the race. I have had some of my best races when I feel awful during the warm up and vis-versa. I try not to let my mind decide how my body will feel – it’s best to keep the mind out of it sometimes.

How did this race differ from your other World Cup starts this year?  Did you make any changes?

I am getting more comfortable being on the WC every week and I am starting to feel like I belong over here. The major change was my attitude. I just stayed positive and relaxed. I also have to admit the whole have sunlight-thing really helps me out too. Davos is a really nice venue.

How has your first season racing the World Cup been going overall?

It’s been so fun and I have learned a lot. I can’t wait to get back over here for the spring.

Topher Sabot

Topher Sabot is the editor of FasterSkier.

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