Toko JetStream Application and Rotocorking

FasterSkierDecember 10, 2009

JetStream Application

There are three main application methods for Nordic racing. They are:

Sprints and races up to 5k

1. Rub the JS on the ski lightly

2. Polish with Thermo Pad

3. Repeat

Best way

1. Rub the JS on trying to get as much on as possible

2. Rotocork

3. Repeat step 1 right over rotocorked JS

4. Rotocork

5. Brush out with nylon polishing brush

6. Polish with Thermo Pad

For long races with aggressive snow

1. Rub the JS on trying to get as much on as possible (Powder is best and easier to get more on)

2. Iron one good pass tip to tail at 300F taking about 10 seconds tip to tail

3. Let cool

4. Rotocork right over ironed JS

5. Brush out with Nylon Polishing Brush

6. Polish with Thermo Pad


Technique is critical in rotocorking. There are two general methods. One is to use high rpms and very little pressure. This is what most people do and works pretty well. The cork can skip around a little and it is necessary to go back and forth some which can create lines in the wax.

I prefer very low rpms (don’t squeeze the trigger all the way) with high pressure and just one pass from tip to tail. It is easier to keep the cork steady and flat and results in a better finish.

I finished skis this way for 9 National Champions over the past few years (in the events where they won their titles) as well as a large number of people finishing high in other events including winning numerous national marathon series events.

Rotocorking is easier on the base and is also quick. It is far more economical than applying a fluorocarbon by ironing as more is needed when ironing.

Toko Mitten

Product Highlight

The Toko Mitten is our warmest piece of handware. It offers a plush sleeping bag type of feel due to its fuzzy insert and protective outer layer. The palm material of soft, but extremely durable.

Toko Gloves

Toko Glove Features

All Toko gloves carry an unconditional one year warranty and can be machine washed and dried. They are known for their fit and legendary durability. Pictured is Thermo Plus.

Garrott Kuzzy

Visit with Garrott Kuzzy

Garrott Kuzzy is an athlete that we support with Toko waxes and gloves (along with the rest of his CXC team).  He is currently leading the SuperTour ahead of Steinbock Racing’s Chris Cook (another Toko wax and glove athlete).  We are proud to be associated with Garrott and to contribute to his success.  He’s the nicest guy.  Anybody who might meet him would wish well.  Check out his website at


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