West Yellowstone Round-Up

Train WreckDecember 3, 2009

There was quite a lot of activity on “internets” last week during the West Yellowstone ski festival. I decided it would be cool to put it all in one place, just to remind the rest of us that it wasn’t a dream and all really happened.

For the blogs you can start at the link I give you and go in chronological order using the next/previos links at the top of the post.


Utah Ski Team – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/utah/2009/11/25/raw-video-from-todays-sprint-race/

CXC Elite – West Yellowstone Photostream – November 21

SVSEF – West Yellowstone Pics

Fairbanks Alaska Ski Team – We Bring You: The Stone

Chambo – Pics from Yellowstone

Sean Crooks – Big In W-Y

Salt Lake NST – SuperTour Sprint, West Yellowstone

APU West Yellowstone

SSWC – http://blogs.fasterskier.com/sswsc/2009/11/30/yellowstoneracing-and-turkey/

Morgan Smyth – 10 things to do in West

Mark Johnson – Making Tracks in West Yellowstone

Patrick Stinson – Writing West (but watch out for unrelated swag as well)

Johnny Klister:









Random XCFeeds

There’s a ton of other posts aggregated in XCFeeds, as well. In fact, there’s too much to put here. XCFeeds is a listing of all the articles on all the blogs that aren’t on fasterskier, or at least all the ones we know about so far.

I would go here and click “Previous Articles” on the bottom of the page until you get to about November 21.

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