Canmore World Cup Team Named

FasterSkierJanuary 9, 2010

The following athletes have qualified to start the Canmore, Alberta World Cups February 5-6, 2010.  The USSA SuperTour discipline lists were used to determine the team based on events this season in West Yellowstone, Bozeman, and Anchorage.

Distance – February 5th:

Women: Kikkan Randall, USST/APU; 
Holly Brooks, APU; 
Caitlin Compton, Go! Training; 
Laura Valaas, APU; 
Rebecca Dussault, CXC Vertical Limit; 
Nicole Deyong, SVSEF; 
Liz Stephen, USST/BMA; 
Kristina Trygstad-Saari, BSF; 
Morgan Arritola, USST/SVSEF; 
Rosie Brennan, Dartmouth

Men: Kris Freeman, USST; 
James Southam, APU; 
Leif Zimmermann, BSF; 
Bryan Cook, CXC Vertical Limit; 
Tad Elliot, CXC Vertical Limit; 
Noah Hoffman, USST/AVSC; 
Chris Cook, Steinbock Racing; 
Garrott Kuzzy, USST/CXC Vertical Limit; 
Matt Liebsch, CXC Vertical Limit; 
Brenton Knight, APU; 
Bryan Gregg, CXC Vertical Limit;

Sprint – February 6th:

Women: Kikkan Randall, USST/APU; 
Laura Valaas, APU; 
Holly Brooks, APU; 
Ida Sargent, Dartmouth/Craftsbury Green Team; 
Katie Ronsse, APU; 
Rebecca Rorabaugh, APU; 
Rosie Brennan, Dartmouth; 
Morgan Smyth, USST; 
Liz Stephen, USST/BMA

Men: Andy Newell, USST/SMS; 
Torin Koos, USST; 
Kris Freeman, USST; 
Simi Hamilton, SVSEF; 
Garrott Kuzzy, USST/CXC Vertical Limit; 
Mike Hinkley, APU; 
Tyler Kornfield, UAF; 
Chris Cook, Steinbock Racing; 
Mike Sinnott, SVSEF; 
Reese Hannemann, FAST


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