Koos and Valaas Cruise Through The Methow Valley Super Tour Sprints

FasterSkierJanuary 16, 2010

Methow Valley, WA – For the week prior to the first ever Methow Valley Super Tour the weather was bleak and organizers were understandably stressed. A nice base of snow remained, however temps were hovering in the critical 29-38 degree range and it rained Wednesday and Friday, threatening the event. The Methow had been in a dark and gray misty fog for a week.

Alas…Friday night the sky began to clear and you could feel the temps dropping. Race Day dawned bluebird with overnight temps dropping into the low 20’s leaving a PERFECT race track.

The event drew big crowds and many of racers to a fantastic new PNW venue at Liberty Bell High School in the Methow Valley, WA.

Throughout the elite senior men’s heats the local kids…Brian Gregg and Sam Naney were obviously the crowd favorites. Each gave valiant efforts. Brian Gregg made the A final and Sam Naney was in the B final (Sam gloriously puked his guts out at the finish).

The women’s events were hotly contested with former Olympians Leslie Hall and Laura McCabe drawing big cheers from the local crowds.

Torin Koos and Laura Valaas each seemed to be taking it easy all day while cruising to victory in each heat while winning the overall on the day.

Skate Sprint final results:

1. Torin Koos

2. Drew Goldsack

3. Chris Cook

4. Mike Hinckley

5. Brian Gregg

6. Mike Sinnott

1. Laura Vaalas

2. Katie Ronsse

3. Rhonda Jewett

4 Caitlin Compton

The event continues Sunday with classic ski time trial. The event will take place at Ski the Loup up on Loup Loup Pass.

See www.mvsta.com for more information.


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